Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing Services by RMS Painting & Remodeling out of Illinois

If your home or business has a basement, chances are you have considered putting the finishing touches on that extra space. Having the extra space for family gatherings, special occasions or in case of an emergency brings untold value to your home or business. As a business, extra meeting space can be the difference between a positive financial outlook or a negative one. RMS Painting & Remodeling can build out your basement space to your exact specifications.

Worries about the costs of finishing the basement space in your home or business? Costs can certainly vary, but you will always regain some or all of that value. No immediate need for the space will also give you the opportunity to rent out the space to regain immediate costs of the project. Homes can rent out the room on a monthly basis, and businesses can rent out the space as an office or even on a temporary basis for meetings or special occasions.

A finished basement is an overall positive for your home or business:

  • Increases buyer appeal: added room and finished spaces are always wanted and value for potential buyers
  • A second income: additional income streams can help pay for other needed items or projects
  • Extra Space: recreational or livable, more space is always better

There are also some important things to consider prior to beginning your project that RMS Painting & Remodeling will help you manage:

  • Overall Value
  • Budget
  • Local Building Code
  • Unknown Structural Issues / Safety

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